Welcome to iTechnoguy Studios

I am Issac Kim, aka iTechnoguy

Current and Former Projects

[Alexa/Google Assistant] Real News - An Alexa and Google Assistant skill for news curation and daily headlines (Alexa skill available now, Google Assistant coming soon).
[Legacy] The Tr0llbox (simple chatbox, made with Ajax and JQuery)
[Various Frameworks] This website, iTechnoguy.com (see below for more details)
[Pure CSS] theunanimo.us (kind of an extension of my main website, for class notes or school related things)

Website Design Iterations

This is the fourth design iteration I've used on my website. On each iteration, I try to make use of more modern web design techniques and CSS frameworks, as well as be less reliant on templates.

What's On This Website

There are a couple of my former web development projects hosted on this website (see above). Check out the About page for some information about me, and the Contact page if you have any questions or just want to send me a message.