About Me

Issac Kim


I am a college student from Los Angeles, California, currently studying computer science at the University of Arizona. I have experience in web development (PHP, Javascript, Node.js, HTML), (Linux) kernel development, working with operating systems in general (Windows, OS X, Linux), and programming (Python, Microsoft's Visual C-based languages, C, Java, and more).

If you would like to contact me, send me a message (which is sent to my personal email).


This website (itechnoguy.com) and my secondary website (theunanimo.us) are currently my main web development projects. My main website is generally up to date, and my secondary website is updated as needed. Both are developed on top of Pure CSS and the Pure CSS responsive side menu style (version 0.6).

The Tr0llbox is a defunct web development project based on an existing chatbox (I can't remember the source; if I do, I'll update this) written using PHP and jQuery 1.3.2 minified, and the design uses Bootstrap and jQuery 1.9.2. My friend Henry helped me with highlighting text and notifications and Alexis helped with highlighting text. The chatbox has features that may not work (I've kept it on the site for archival purposes and haven't updated it since 2013), although most still do.

To see what my website looked like in the past, click here (most links on this page won't work since things have been either moved around or disabled).

On GitHub: