Changelog a list of changes between each version

Minor code fixes to work with PHP 7.0. Some original features still don't work after my server migration, such as HTML5 notifications or changing the website title upon receiving a new message.
This update was just to ensure a functioning chat box, otherwise, I probably won't be able to get around to fixing larger issues, as long as they don't break basic functionality (since this chat box is legacy code).

If I can find the original source (I made all these changes to the original code years ago), I will add attribution to my homepage.
URLs sent as messages will now automatically turn into hyperlinks!
[Broken] The most recent chat message now shows up in the HTML5 notification (thanks Jake).
[Broken] HTML5 notifications should now work on after clicking the "Allow Tr0llbox Notifications" button on the main page (will not show if you already allowed notifications).
[Broken] New notifications system, using the HTML5 notifications API, but will only work on Gecko (like Firefox) and WebKit/Blink (like Chrome) based browsers; doesn't work on IE or mobile browsers.
Fixed the Trollbox's CSS to only use the default Bootstrap stylesheet (two CSS files for one webpage was confusing and sometimes broke) and a couple of layout concessions for browsers based on the Gecko layout engine.
New message notifications [currently broken], for when you're not in the trollbox! (and new submit/enter buttons)
Complete UI overhaul, using Bootstrap, and will be the newly supported version from now on. v1 will still be available as a legacy and unsupported version.
No more empty usernames.
No more empty chat messages.
Highlighting text now works (credit to Henry and Jake).
[feature removed]
Basically version 1.3.4 of the original one.
The Tr0llbox is written using PHP and jQuery 1.3.2 minified, and the design uses Bootstrap and jQuery 1.9.2. Henry helped me with highlighting text and notifications and Jake helped with highlighting text.

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